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With this album, Anatoly Pereslegin seems to be trying to find the spiritual in electronic music, and I guess he might has succeeded as there is a church-like quality to all the tracks on the album. That is helped, of course, by having all the tracks titled after extracts from various books of the old testament. “Isaiah #1” has a choral feel to it, with the synths sounding very crystalline and glacial. “Isaiah #2” is a longer piece with a rather more brooding theme. “Ezekiel #1” retains the echo-laden atmosphere of the previous tracks, mixed with a looping crystal riff that evolves over the track. “Isaiah #3″has some demented J. S. Bach-style keyboard motifs weaving in and out

1.   Isaiah #1

2.   Isaiah #2

3.   Ezekiel #1

4.   Isaiah #3

5.   Ezekiel #5

6.   Ezekiel #6


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