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Misc. Info

Security:  Our shopping cart is totally safe and secure. This is the only place where money changes hands. If you see a notice about security on another part of the site, it does not apply.

Shipping Rates:  The most important thing to remember about our shipping rates is that the cost per CD drops rapidly with each added CD. For example, the shipping on a second CD is often 1/2 that of a single CD. The prices go down from there and international customers can enjoy further discounts with our "No Jewel Case" option.

Searching DWM Music:  Entering the most unique word of the artist name or CD title should work best. Correct spelling is important and a lot of information increases the chances of an error. You should see results as you begin to type. The search function looks primarily at the CD and artist name.

Our Small MP3 Player:  In most browsers, it is necessary to click on the masked player, look for a new window at the top of your screen and click “Allow”. Then click “Play”. Google Chrome does not support this player. This player can cause a "Shock Wave" crash.  If this happens, simply refresh your browser and continue.

Our Large MP3 Player:  The progress bar may not function when viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are OK.  In either case, playback is not affected.

CD Specifications:  

Cover / Insert = Describes the number of pages or panels on a digi-pak or cover insert in a jewel case.
                          4/1 means color on the outside and black & white inside.
                          4/4 means color on the outside and inside.

CD Face = The color configuration on the printed side of the CD.

Container = What the CD comes in ... jewel case, digi-pak, CD sleeve.

CD Manufacturing = "Professionally Replicated" is the top level and is typical when the artist orders 1,000 or more CDs.
                                 "Professionally Burned" involves a CDR* and is typically used when the artist orders a small quantity.
                                  Artwork on "Professionally Burned" is usually on par with the best.
                                 "Home Made/Brewed CDR*" means that the CD was manufactured on the artist's home computer.
                                 * Many CDRs have long life spans.

Run Time = The total length of the CD.

CD # = For DWM internal use only.

CD Audio:  As news of fading CD sales continue, there are a couple of important things to note. First, both CDs and LPs offer far greater fidelity than mp3 files. The Recording Academy Museum offers a stunning demonstration of this. If your are an audiofile, or lean that way, CDs and LPs are the way to go. Also, the hunter/collectors out there find physical copies to be much more satisfying. Anyway, DWM Music will continue to serve the audiofile and hunter/collector.

CD Manufacturing (again):  Many times, bands feel the need to rerun older titles in lesser quantities and turn to the small companies that burn CDs.  The good news is that Easy Disc offers replicated CDs in a quantity of 300 at a decent price.  Keep the quality without breaking the bank.

Phone Number Request:  Though our shopping cart requires a phone number during check-out, you can be assured that DWM Music does not share contact information and we do not engage in tele-marketing. The only call you could possibly get from us would regard the status of an order.

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